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Below are many of the most widely discussed issues and topics of our country today. You can scroll one by one through each of the issues (to see how frequently you and Bradley agree) or you can click on a specific issue and it will take you directly to that section.

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Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice

Bradley Griffin is a Pro-Life Republican who believes that life begins at conception. The exceptional instances, such as rape or incest, are cases of which he would consider the experience and expertise of medical and psychological professionals for the best course of action.


Bradley would support the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

Federal Budget & US Economy

Growing the economy is one of the best ways to elevate everyone in a society. A larger American economy means more jobs, higher wages, and more opportunities for American people. This is why Bradley believes the government needs to do every reasonable thing possible to create an economic environment that helps businesses to succeed.


Some regulations can be beneficial if implemented in a healthy manner and conducting in a practical structure. However, extensive regulations produce a choke-hold on the neck of business owners, and in some cases, prevents them from growth and efficiency or worse, new businesses never get founded at all.


As an entrepreneur, Bradley pioneered businesses and has grown them successfully, but not without difficult obstacles including heavy tax burdens and other restrictions placed by the federal government. Bradley believes that President Trump's new tax reform will bring much needed relief for businesses in America, but there are still many regulations, that are holding businesses back, and he believes there should be a re-evaluation of those regulations that are harming our ability to grow our economy.


“I want to work with the current administration and for each American family to continue to roll back regulations and make smart changes to any existing ones so that success is more easily achieved.” - Bradley Griffin

Civil Rights Issues

Each person is created equally.


One should not place prejudice or assign any preconceived notions about someone else based on their age, race, sex, religion, or any other identifier. Bradley believes people should be judged based on merit, character, actions, and the skill-sets that they are bringing to the table.

Business Rights & Responsibilities

It is in the best interest of any businesses in a community to be a positive example in that community, including providing as many opportunities as they can for hardworking American people.


Privately owned, for profit businesses, should be allowed to make their own decisions, operating inside the legal boundaries and provide products or services to whomever they wish. If a business chooses to refuse services to a particular patron at any given time due to any reason, then that is the business owners’ right.


Stance on Crime & Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is a difficult and often thankless career. Bradley appreciates the sacrifices of the men and women, who choose to do these jobs, on a daily basis to keep us all safe. He wants to help ensure that the equipment and training that the law enforcement relies upon is current and always upholds the best interest and safety of the citizens they are protecting. Law enforcement officers need to be allowed to do their jobs, relying on their training, and not have to fear social justice warriors or being tried and convicted in the court of public opinion.


The 2016 crime numbers were recently released showing that the murder rate in America rose by 9%. All violent crime, such as rape and assault, rose by 4% across the country. Bradley is passionate about correcting the mistakes made by the previous administration that aided in these increases.


“I believe a major contributing factor to the elevation in crime levels derives from the significant backlash some officers have received, from the media and its’ supporters, when the officers have necessarily used deadly force. I believe law enforcement has been softened to try to calibrate to these backlashes and we are seeing the effects of that softening.”- “Bradley Griffin

Stance on Drugs

Bradley draws a hard line against hard drugs. He believes our country and government needs to continue to be vigilant in their effort to keep drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine off of the streets and out of the country. He also recognizes the current and on-going opioid crisis in the country and is passionate about finding a solution that brings balance between pharmaceuticals and its’ consumers to prevent further unnecessary tragic deaths and addictions.


In regards to marijuana, Bradley believes that the time for it’s schedule 1 reconsideration has arrived. By definition a schedule 1 drug is void of medicinal value. However, as states continue to legalize medical marijuana use, and based on several medical studies and support of our country’s top doctors, it appears that is not the case. Many people who possess severe medical ailments have reaped the benefits of marijuana, ultimately improving their lives. As a result, Bradley believes marijuana should be changed from a schedule 1 substance to a schedule 2 substance.


Additionally, he supports the legalization of agricultural hemp, which is not to be confused with marijuana. Agricultural hemp does not consist the capabilities to be ingested for psychological alteration, i.e. it contains less than .01% THC, the chemical responsible for the causation of being “high”. In other words, hemp is essentially drug-free. Agricultural hemp can be used across a wide range of industries for multiple products, such as, paper, bags, pants, shirts, hats, rope, oils, animal bedding, and much more. It also only takes a few months to grow vs. a tree that takes several years. America is currently importing billions of dollars worth of hemp every year and with the severe trade deficits we are running, Bradley believes this is a guaranteed way to dramatically boost our economy by bringing jobs and wealth directly back to America.

Education Policy

The most efficient way to ensure future generations thrive is to give them the gift of proper education.  Bradley believes that every child deserves the opportunity to receive the highest quality education available. In order to ensure this, he supports opportunities for private, charter, parochial and trade schools to compete with public schools in under-serviced communities across the country. If a private, parochial, or charter school is capable of offering a competitive curriculum and is delivering great results, then the child and the community are ultimately benefiting. Bradley would like to create incentives for investing in more charter schools in more rural areas to provide diversity and opportunity in these locations.


Bradley believes that college education is a choice. He also believes the devastating state of college debt is detrimental on the financial health of American citizens. He envisions the government to pull out of the student loan business as he believes this is one of the main contributing factors in the sky rocketing cost of college tuition, therefore, the increase in student debt.


“I believe by removing the government from providing student loans, college and university tuition would once again be dictated by the free market and costs would come down, making college more affordable for future generations.” - Bradley Griffin

Oil & Alternative Energy

Oil has revolutionized the evolution of mankind and has been an essential integrated aspect of the economic health and growth of our economy. Bradley does not believe that the best strategy is to abandon oil energy all together or all at once. On the contrary, he supports the research of developing alternative energy solutions as a complimentary strategy to oil.

Environmental Views

It is imperative to acknowledge and understand the robustness of our planet while also being mindful of it’s fragility. Abusing what is given freely will only lead to it’s destruction. As an avid outdoorsman, Bradley personally understands the need to respect and preserve this wonderful planet we have been granted. He believes it is our responsibility as citizens to be mindful of this and treat the Earth with the same respect it has given us. This planet sustains our lives, therefore, we should sustain it’s life. However, this does not conclude that Bradley believes in nor supports the hypothesis that man has created or dramatically escalated climate change or global warming. While the 97% of scientist statement has been debunked, Bradley is still open to solid scientific evidence proving otherwise, but in the meantime, the federal government should not be forcing it’s citizens to pay a substantial amount of money based on an inaccurate statistic.


As a result of recent studies on climate change and global warming confirming it’s lack of evidence, Bradley supports President Trump in pulling out of the Paris Agreement.


“We only have one planet and because of that we need to be careful with what we do and be considerate by trying to give back to this Earth for all that it has given to us. I believe that it is our responsibility to make sure we are doing what we can to take care of our planet.” – Bradley Griffin

Traditional Family Values

Several economic studies have proven that traditional family structures are a significant fundamental to a thriving economy. Studies have also proven time and time again that children who are raised in two-parent households are far more successful in their lifetime. In contrast, children who do not have the benefit of being raised in two-parent homes statistically do not tend to do as well. Homes that are broken and headed by single parents have higher rates of poverty, and within those impoverished communities are higher rates of crime, putting America’s children and future generations into a debilitating start at life. Although Bradley believes strongly, from personal experience, in people being able to overcome their unfortunate circumstances, he also believes it best to try to prevent them from happening in the first place. Thus, providing children with a better starting position in their lives. This is why Bradley believes, as a country, we must change the current culture of praising split families and single parent households that are raising children.


In order to accomplish said goals, an aspect that Bradley supports is the return of a stronger faith-based culture. As history has proven it to be successful when it pertains to the healthy family structure.


“This country was founded on religious values and we have gotten away from that. I don't want this to be mistaken as me saying that it's mandatory that someone goes to church to be religious or have faith. One does not necessarily need to be going to church every week to follow the teaching and practices of religion and faith, but being void of faith leaves and emptiness in their life that often can not be filled or substituted for anything else.” – Bradley Griffin

Foreign Policy Issues

Ultimately, above all else, Bradley passionately supports the America First philosophy.  While he prioritizes American values and safety, he also understands the occasional necessity of involvement with foreign entities. Three primary foreign policies that are leading the way as current discussion topics are the amount of aid that we are currently sending to other countries on a yearly basis through the UN, accepting refugees into the United States, and the Iranian Nuclear deal that was passed under the Obama administration.


First, Bradley supports President Trump's decision to defund countries who are not supportive of American strategy or long term interests. For example, the United Nations receives the majority of it's funding from the United States, while other countries do not contribute the way they should. He supports defunding this organization, either partially or entirely, until other countries begin contributing their fair amount.


In regards to the refugee crisis, Bradley takes it personally as it is currently affecting his local community in Georgia.  He believes the government needs to put an end to the overwhelming number of refugees that are being accepted into this country. Georgia has been hit hard by being forced to receive thousands of refugees in the past couple of years, forced by the federal government without the support of it’s local one. This influx has only increased the poverty in the communities in which the refugees are placed, resulting in a disservice to all parties involved. Bradley believes this process needs to be stopped immediately as it is hurting the hardworking families of Georgia.


Bradley is against the Iranian Nuclear deal. Under President Obama the United States entered into terrible agreements such as this, with foreign nations. He supports the current administration’s decision to either renegotiate or eliminate this completely.

Free Trade Policy

Trading goods and services from the United States to other countries, or vise versa, is an important part of economic stability. There are other countries that are able to produce goods cheaper than the United States, which means Americans can purchase them at a lower price by importing. Therefore, free trade amongst some foreign countries can be a benefit to the American family and economy.


However, Bradley believes we are currently running trade deficits with too many countries and we are bringing in far more goods and materials than we are exporting. He would like to see this corrected to a healthy balance.


“We need to get our trading under control and we need to be benefiting just as much from importing goods as exporting goods. If we have the capability of producing raw materials in this country, and are not currently doing so, then we need to look at how we can become producers of desirable commodities.” - Bradley Griffin

View on Reducing the Size of Government

Bradley believes that we must shrink the size and scope of the federal government.


He supports the conduct of audits on each area of the government to determine its’ roll and responsibility to the American people. After an audit is performed and the findings are analyzed, any of those agencies, jobs, or positions in the government that are not providing value to the American people must be eliminated.


“It is important to find and eliminate agencies of the government that are too far reaching, detrimentally restrictive, or are generally unconstitutional.” - Bradley Griffin

Second Amendment

Bradley whole-heartedly supports our Constitutional Second Amendment right to bear arms. He believes in the common sense philosophy that a criminal does not obey laws, therefore, enforcing more will only affect non-criminals, and according to Bradley, it is undeniably smarter to have a good guy with a gun than a bad guy. Ultimately, it is better to have a gun and not need it, than to need one and not have it.


It is not the guns themselves that are the problem as they are just the tool. It is the person who is operating them that is the cause for concern. Therefore, Bradley supports the competency test via a background check prior to an individual’s ability to purchase a firearm.


Additionally, Bradley would like to see safety training implemented for American citizens and kids to reduce the irrational fear the media as placed on them. He believes guns are essential for personal and national protection from both threats abroad and threats within our borders. Creating the correct dialogue and education about guns will concretely put the hysteria of them to rest, thus, bringing this country to the same revelation of the imperative need for this right that our Founding Father’s had.


“I am pro-guns. I own guns. I have been exposed to many different types of firearms because of my time in the military. Knowing how to safely handle firearms and properly handling firearms is a top priority to me.” - Bradley Griffin

Repealing Obamacare

The increase in government regulations is only a hindrance on all businesses, and Obamacare is a prime example of that. Repealing Obamacare must happen.  The government control needs to altogether be removed from the healthcare space. By continuing to interfere, the government is not allowing the free market system to function properly, which is causing the cost of healthcare to sky-rocket! The first step to removing the controlling tight grip the government has on healthcare is by repealing Obamacare and to replace it with a free market driven system.


Simply repealing Obamacare does not go far enough, in Bradley's opinion. Something must be done about the rising prescription drug cost in America. Young and old, people are being asked to spend thousands of dollars out of their own pockets to afford their prescriptions. People should not have to choose between living and taking their medication or dying to pay their monthly bills.


Homeland Security

Keeping Americans safe while in America should be a top priority for the United States. In recent years, we have witnessed things like the number of mass shootings increase and the elevation in the number of bombings in public places. This is unacceptable and can not become the new normal course of action in America. Bradley would like to take a closer look to our current levels of involvement and try to find efficiencies on where we can improve. Decreasing the frequency of these mass casualty situations needs to be prioritized.

Immigration Policy

If someone has come to America from another country and has not done so in compliance with the United States Immigration Laws, then I have a problem with that. Individuals or groups of people that have violated our immigration laws need to be removed from America, as it disrespects immigrants that nationalized the right way and also burdens hard working Americans, who are lawfully contributing to society.


Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has been a controversial issue. Ultimately, there are many people living in the United States, as citizens of other countries and not of the United States, that need to find their way back to their country of Origin. They came to this country illegally, breaking our immigration laws, and there is no path under those circumstances that leads to citizenship of the United States of America.


Too many American people are losing their lives to illegal immigrants that are taking up residence in America. Families are losing loved ones all for the sake of political correctness. The law is the law and these terrible tragedies could be avoided if our sanctuary cities were eliminated and law enforcement officers were working more closely with immigration authorities.


Job Growth & Creation

Jobs and economic growth are the lifeblood of any civilization. Hardworking men and women need opportunities to contribute their talents so that they can provide for themselves and for their family. That is why we need to make sure we are doing everything we can to foster a climate for companies, small and medium sized businesses, and start-up ventures to grow and develop. These businesses provide our communities places where people can provide for themselves, learn new skills, and contribute to shared goals.


Bradley’s plan is to work with business owners and community leaders to do whatever is required to provide an economic environment that fosters strong growth. Growth brings more opportunities and creating more opportunities keeps crime low and prosperity high.

Principles & Values

“I am a traditional Conservative. I personally hold wholesome 'old school' values, as it pertains to family life and to the way our country should be run. I'd like to see more stable 2 parent households, where Mom and Dad are each present to raise their children. I'd like to see that family spending more time together, participating in activities and creating memories together. We need to get back to a place in America where we are celebrating the beauty of family time. We need these cultural views to once again become the "norm" in today's society.” - Bradley Griffin

Social Security

The honest explanation about social security is that it is one of three programs that are consuming the most federal dollars. Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security programs account for the majority of the entire yearly U.S. Federal Budget. Therefore, if we don't look to make improvements to the system we will be forced to pay for it in the future.

Reforming the Tax Code

Currently 50% of America's highest earners are paying 100% of the Federal Income Tax and 50% of Americans are paying nothing. We need to lower the amount of taxes that the wealthiest are paying in order to spur economic growth and job creation. We have already witnessed that President Trump's new tax legislation has been an improvement for business owners and their employees.


Bradley supports simplifying the tax code as well as giving American families and businesses a tax decrease, so that they can keep more of their hard earned money and not be forced to have to turn their money over to the government.


Importance of Science and Technology

Investing in the future minds of America and also having continued opportunities for learning for all the minds of America are two very important realities in today's world. Because of this, Bradley supports S.T.E.M. programs in the country, which focus on cultivating young minds and attracting them to fields in mathematics and science. He envisions vocational-tech programs making their way back into high schools throughout America. He believes that programs like Auto Shop, Wood Shop, and other industrious settings are invaluable to the young students who are meant to tinker, build, and fix things.


I would like to see more American born students qualifying for graduate level classes, so that American Universities are educating as many American citizens as possible.


War & Peace Policy

 The best solution, in any scenario, would be to negotiate an amicable compromise between the United States and a foreign party. However, if no diplomatic solution can be reach, then the United States must be the keeper of order.


I do not believe in actively seeking foreign military engagements, but I believe in engaging in conflicts where we have no other choice.


The world looks to the United States of America to set an example. When America is doing well, the world is doing well.


“I believe in peace through strength. The only way that diplomatic solutions, like negotiations, will work is if the country that the United States is negotiating with believes in the words that are being spoke.” - Bradley Griffin

Welfare & Poverty Issues

The implementation of a system that aides American families in desperate times of need is necessary and important if constructed under honest conditions. However, there are areas of our current Welfare system that needs revision.


One aspect that Candidate Griffin believes should be revised is the time period in which an individual can be receiving benefits from the system. Encouraging a state of dependency, which is a side-effect of extended periods, does not encourage prosperity. Griffin envisions families in unfortunate circumstances to not just survive them, by prosper through them and succeed after them by ensuring a Welfare system of a “Hand-Up” instead of the current “Hand-Out”.


Another area of concern for revision is fraudulent abuse, which is causing a significant financial detriment to the system and to American Tax Payers. As a defender of injustices, Candidate Griffin would implement or support an effort to identifying individuals who are violating the privilege of receiving Welfare.

Net Neutrality Stance

Competition naturally breeds improvement. Removing Federal regulations on an entity as powerful and substantial as the internet is crucial for its’ long-term growth and potential.


Bradley Griffin supports President Trump’s decision to remove Net Neutrality and would like to see an Internet that is free and accessible to everyone, regardless of the amount of money they pay on a monthly basis. The Internet service providers already separate connection speeds into product categories and are able to control data usage, which Bradley believes to be sufficient control.


When elected to the 10th Congressional District of Georgia, Bradley Griffin will fight to do everything in his power to restore the freedom of the Internet for all of its users.


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